Kenneth is a Canadian multi-media artist and composer whose art installations, videos and digital operas have been presented in Canada, China, Finland, the U.S.A. and most recently at the Centre Pompidou in Paris France. Kenneth's work continues his research and practice into varied forms of musical interventions that engage a political discourse using video installation and performance. In previous work he has developed a number of personal projects termed "digital operas", which incorporates video and musical performance that focus on certain aspects on Western political history and the adaptation of song. Since 1993 Kenneth have been directly and actively involved in artist run centres teaching production and post-production workshops, video and sound editing for artists, and participating on boards and committees. He is also professionally employed as a director, video camera operator, and video and sound editor.

Kenneth obtained his MFA from NSCAD University in 2005 and received an Alumni Award from Alberta College of Art and Design for recognition as one of the top 75 students throughout ACAD's seventy-five year history.

Synopsis of a few of his works:

"CRAP DAYS" (2010) a video that negotiates a complicated exchange between the familial and foreign by using various UK football chants to charming and malicious effect.

"Rule Britannia - A Low Opera in Grand Shite Style" (performance 2002) incorporated two pianos and two video monitors that investigated British Imperialism through the course of history.

"Suite for Birth" (2000), a digitally manipulated audio installation work that incorporated the following elements; the eulogy given by Queen Elizabeth II of England at Lady Diana's funeral, music originally composed for the birth of Prince Charles by Sir Michael Tippett, and a mezzo soprano singing a duet with the Queen of England.

"Immortal Misbegotten" (2005) is a reworking of Ludwig van Beethoven's famous six Op. 18 String Quartets condensed into one piece.

"Pathetic Piano" (2005) a breakdown of Beethoven's Op. 13 Pathètique Sonata into ten new audience interactive.

Kenneth has also composed a new score for Toronto choreographer Michael Trent and Mocean Dance’s "Mappa Mundi" (2006) production in Halifax.

"The Curse of Rome" (2007) video, a solo singer subverts Shakespeare’s text of “Julius Caesar” to the restructured melodies of British baroque composer Henry Purcell.

"Long waiting without stars" (2009) is a string quartet performed together with a video of poetry readers in fractured Regency era costumes. The string quartet performs a reverse Beethoven composition accompanied by readers presenting poetry by enfant terrible John Thompson (1938 - 1976) that explores the perceived madness that encompassed both these artist’s final years.

Kenneth continues to work on photographic series of cities around the world that examine the stylistic behavior of photography’s accidental quality.